Gursimran Kaur

Hey, I'm Sim. I'm a sales, marketing & business expert.

With over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of establishing and growing businesses, I am just the resource you need to formulate strategies geared at your success.
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Change the way you approach your business.

An expert with a vast experience working with businesses in  various stages of growth can really change the way you chart your own way to success.

Planning, execution and direction, we design the way you want your growth to be.
Deciding how your prospective customer sees you and understanding their perspective.
Continual support as you step through progressive stages of development.
I can help you
as you help yourself grow.

Are you a virtual shop, service provider or a growing business? This is why you need me.

I am a seasoned professional with the right tools to save you time and money as you focus on what’s important for you. With an impressive portfolio working extensively with social media marketing, visual design and business management, I am the right fit for your organisation’s growing needs. Without creating a dedicated department in-house, the flexibility in my consultation programs makes it a breeze for you to stay on-track.